Warner Tours Area

Governor Mark Warner got a first hand look at the incredible damage in Richmond Monday afternoon.

Power Latest

About 250 still without power in Richmond metro/Tri-cities area.

Casanova Arrested

A man who has been romancing money from local women has been arrested.

Competency Questioned

The teenage girl accused of killing 15-year-old Lei Henderson will be evaluated for competency.

Arts & Crafts

These are toys of self-expression and creativity, allowing kids to communicate, through the arts, their feelings about themselves and the wo…

Construction Stuff

Impart physical and mental skills to children in a fun way: mechanics, design, creativity and expression. TOY NAMEMANUFACTURERAGE RANGEPRICE…

Music & Rhythm

These toys can become the beginning of a lifelong love of music. Kids who excel at music often excel in school. TOY NAMEMANUFACTURERAGE RANG…

Cars, Trucks, Planes & Trains

Provides an adult world fantasy by allowing kids to pretend to do one of the key things adults do: drive. TOY NAMEMANUFACTURERAGE RANGEPRICE…

Games & Puzzles

Games and puzzles represent a unique part of the toy world. They are often a link between playmates, parents, grandparents and other family …

Let’s Pretend

Kids use these to role-play, learn social skills or find career interests.

Missed Opportunity

Police reportedly missed a chance to apprehend sniper suspects John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo on October eighth.

Who Is John Lee Malvo?

He's 17, from Jamaica — and he may be involved in a terrorizing string of shootings around the nation's capital.

Muhammad’s Life

From what relatives describe as a normal childhood in Louisiana, he earned Army honors for marksmanship and Gulf War service.

Potential Evidence

Some potential evidence gathered in the sniper case.