Adopt a Furry Friend: Jethro

He is polite with other dogs; however, for the next few weeks, he’ll need to take it easy and not play too hard as he continues recovering.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Mardi

The one-year-old female is very energetic and in search of an active home where she will be the only pet.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Danny

“Danny loves finding warm beds to nap in but would prefer to set up camp nearby friends so he can soak up all the love and praise he can get…

Adopt a furry friend: Munchkin

The Richmond SPCA is reducing the adoption fee for Munchkin and all adult cats by 50 percent this week.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Missy

The Richmond SPCA says Missy is a very sweet, well-behaved lady, who is eager to meet her new family.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Callahan

This sleek black 1-year-old cat is very outgoing. She greets new friends with head butting and loud purring.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Stuart

At 11 and a half years old, Stuart is the eldest cat currently available for adoption at the Richmond SPCA.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Randy

Randy visited the 8News studio Friday morning and was just as loveable as Tabitha Treloar with the Richmond SPCA described him to be.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Aerosmith

The 4-month-old kitten had been lost on his own, and though no one came forward to claim him, it’s clear that he loves being around people, …