Adopt a Furry Friend: Ronald

Like any parent, the staff of the Richmond SPCA would prefer not to say that they have favorites; but if you really pry, you will find out t…

Adopt a Furry Friend: Amber

Amber loves being picked up and held, and she may give you a gentle grooming while you’re snuggling with her.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Murphy

The 9-year-old beagle is incredibly special and has been in the Richmond SPCA’s care for two years due to the extent of his medical needs.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Mario

Anne Goddard with the Richmond SPCA says Mario is incredibly sweet and loving, and would be the perfect family dog.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Birdie

Birdie is so well-mannered that she often makes appearances at the Richmond SPCA birthday parties. 

Adopt a Furry Friend: Carina

Tabitha Treloar with the Richmond SPCA says that while she can’t guarantee that Carina can successfully chase away anyone’s winter blues, sh…

Adopt a Furry Friend: Stuffing

The one-year-old calico was transferred to the Richmond SPCA from the Henrico County shelter two weeks ago. 

Adopt a Furry Friend: Cooper

Tabitha Treloar with the Richmond SPCA says Cooper is calm, housetrained, good with young children and a cuddler.

Adopt a Furry Friend: Rosie

The Richmond SPCA says she gets along great with other dogs and would be the perfect lap pup.