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Best of the Class Spot 6

Will Teodori, Nicole Brandon, Ashlyn Allgood, Autumn Allgood, Jessica Frazier, Shanti' Pelham

Best of the Class Spot 4

Emily Shrader, David Cole, Lizzy Gwathmey, Matt Jordan, Melissa Holmes, Ana Rainey

Best of the Class Spot 3

William Waller, Kendall Barlow, Ingrid Heiberg, Ashley Jallah, Dennis Umamzor, April Goins

Best of the Class Spot 2

Juliann Rienecker, Adam Davis, Katie Drash, James Hodges, Phoebe Zamudia, Takita Brown

Knocked Up

The team behind the hit movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin” is back in theaters, but this time around it's for a pregnancy comedy full of bel…

Shrek the Third Review

Will the Third time be the charm for Shrek the ogre? Here's 8news film critic Morgan Dean with his review of this animated sequel.

Waitress Review

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Spiderman 3

Everyone's favorite webslinging superhero is back in theaters this weekend. Here's 8NEWS film critic Morgan Dean with his review of …

Perfect Stranger

She last starred as a mutant superhero in the film Xmen three.  This year…Halle Berry has turned in the cape for a pad and pen in the film…

Movies New to DVD

Several of last year's best reviewed movies are now out on dvd. Here's 8News film critic Morgan Dean with a look at what's new.


You get two movies for the price of one if you buy a ticket to see the new film “Grindhouse.”


In “Pride,” the teens in one tough Philly neighborhood learn to pull together as they learn to swim at a recreation center that's about …