StormTracker Weather Forecast

StormTracker Forecast

Cooler weather on tap for the end of the week and start of the weekend, but also some showers

8News App

8News Stormtracker App: All things weather-related in the palm of your hand

The 8News Stormtracker app is a great tool that is free and available on all devices, and will give you everything you need to know right in…

Katrina 2

Stronger collaboration between FEMA, National Hurricane Center since Hurricane Katrina

After Hurricane Katrina struck, there was criticism over the government’s response to the storm. As a result, many changes were made within …

Tools 2

Behind the desk: The modern tools for reporting severe weather

On a “run of the mill day”, the 8News weather casters analyze data on four computers.

Hurricane Chasers

Hurricane chasers: Willing to go into the eye of the storm

Over the last decade hurricane forecasting has evolved, providing better accuracy and more warnings and in turn, more time to prepare.