Her Story: Chester woman takes over family business

CHESTER, Va. (WRIC) – March is Women’s History Month, honoring the accomplishments of women around the world.

Here at 8News, we are highlighting the leadership of women across Central Virginia.

A passion for fashion runs in the family for Bridget Schindel.

“Have a great day and I know she’s going to love her gift,” said She Chester manager Bridget Schindel.

Walking into She Chester, you’ll find women’s clothing, jewelry and gift wares.

“She Chester is like a fun boutique experience,” said Schindel.

“Nothing that comes in here isn’t hand-picked,” said Schindel.

Bridget’s mother, Mary opened the boutique over 10 years ago after being diagnosed with leukemia.

At first, Bridget showed no interest in the store.

“I was a big tomboy, said Schindel.  “I wanted nothing to do with dresses and jewelry. I played soccer.”

Her attitude changed by the time she turned 15, and she’s been working at She Chester ever since.

“I love it and then the colors are nice,” said Schindel  “Pastels are really in for spring which I really think is unique.”

On December 27, 2015, Mary lost her battle with her cancer.

A few weeks later, Bridget became She Chester manager and went to Atlanta with her father to shop for the store. She was still a teenager.

“I said I’m 19, dad,” said Schindel  “Who else here is 19 or younger here? And he said no one and that’s why you’re going to be great at it.”

For the past few years, Bridget has run the boutique and managed over a dozen employees.

“Superior,” said Schindel.  “We want to be kind and friendly and always helpful.”

Schindel strives each day to honor her mother.

“Love being in the store because it feels like I am still with her like every day,” said Schindel.  “You know I know that she’s here with me. And everything I do is for her.”

“She took the leap and built her wings on the way down and that’s exactly what she did and I think that’s what so many women do,” said Schindel.

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