Petersburg residents sound off over mail found in dumpster

PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Petersburg residents have received a letter in the mail from the Postal Service informing them that their mail has been found in an unlikely place: the dumpster.

Residents of Petersburg spoke with 8News and said this new development just adds to the poor service they have experienced from the Postal Service for months.

Randy DeCastro II, a Petersburg resident, spoke with 8News about the letter he received from the United States Postal Service concerning the missing mail.

“It’s more to it than what it seems. You find a whole dumpster filled with people’s mail in it there’s a reason why it’s going in there, it just doesn’t happen.”

“They are changing the delivery people constantly in this route so some people are not going up there to do it and I watched them, they didn’t even get out and go to the mailbox,” one Petersburg resident told 8News. This resident, who wished to remain nameless, told 8News he has had problems receiving mail for a year now.

Dawn Branch, another Petersburg local, told 8News that issues with the mail can have major consequences.

“I might have something important in my mail come one day and I can’t find it and it’s sitting in the dumpster. I will be mad.”

Problems go beyond the misplaced mail, as some Petersburg residents are complaining about late deliveries.

DeCastro was expecting to receive a letter from Social Services in August, but it did not arrive in the mail until today.

Locals are holding postal workers responsible.

“I hope they’ll hire competent people to deliver the mail…and do their job. If they can’t do it, then let somebody else do it that can do it,” said one resident.

The US Postal Service did not say how the mail ended up in the wrong place

8News reached out to the postmaster and the corporate office that represents Petersburg.

No one was able to comment on the investigation, but the letter sent to Petersburg residents said that the Postal Service is committed to delivering all mail recoverable from this incident.

DeCastro told 8News that he believes that it’s only a matter of time until those responsible will be caught.

“You’re gonna get caught. You’re gonna get caught one day if you’re taking mail from people’s home or you’re trying to take their identity. You’re gonna get caught one of these days.”

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