Runner desperate to find missing locket with daughter’s ashes after Disney marathon

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (WFLA) — A social media search is on for a cross-shaped locket after it went missing during the Disney Princess Half-Marathon this past weekend.

According to the Facebook post, a runner is desperate to find the missing locket because its contents are invaluable.

The runner, Chasity Foster, said her locket contains the ashes of her daughter who just passed away last month in a tragic car accident.

“It’s like losing her again, even a small piece of her. It is a devastating loss!” Foster said.

Foster said, during the Disney Princess Half-Marathon on Sunday, she ran through the toll area, then under the bridge to where the road splits to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom or the Car Care Center.

But, right before her third mile began by the princesses, she realized she was missing her precious locket.

Crews at Walt Disney World have been combing the area all morning long, according to a Walt Disney World spokesperson.

“We understand how heartbreaking this is for the family and we are doing everything we can to find it for them,” the Disney spokesperson said.

The Disney team is reportedly sweeping the entire area, going through dumpsters and trash cans, hoping the missing locket will turn up.

If you have any info about this missing locket, please contact Team Run Disney on Facebook.