Richmond mom outraged after daughter suffers gruesome injury at school

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond mom wants answers after her daughter suffered a gruesome injury at school.

The 11-year-old child was waiting outside of school to get on the bus to go home when something came flying and hit her in the head. The scar that remains on her forehead is tough to look at.

“It was so hard for me not to cry, but I knew I had to be strong for her,” young Jamia’s mother, who wished to not be identified, said.

Jamia’s mother insists the story of what happened to her daughter needs to be told. She said the 11-year-old was waiting for the bus on Tuesday afternoon when she was hit in the head with a piece of asphalt.

“From my standpoint, what I’m getting is that the kids were all out there unsupervised and the boys are just being boys and they see the holes in the ground and they pick up the rock and they just throwing them,” Jamia’s mother added.

She said the principal suspects it was asphalt from the crumbling bus loop pavement, a piece big enough to give Jamia a mild concussion and an ugly gash that needed more than a dozen stitches.

She returned to school on Wednesday, but her mom is still angry over what happened and how it was handled afterwards.

“To my understanding, there was one teacher out there, and he couldn’t tell them what happened, so where do you lay the blame?” she asked. “That’s where I’m at. Like, who do I look at and right now? I’m looking at the school. They should have been supervising those kids.”

A spokesperson for Richmond Public Schools called what happened an accident, but insisted that “the safety of our students is a top priority and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken pending the outcome of the investigation.”

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