United Airlines to compensate local military mom for missing breast milk


HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — United Airlines has agreed to compensate a local military mom who claims someone swiped two weeks worth of breast milk from her checked luggage.

Kimberly West told 8News the airline has agreed to pay her an undisclosed amount of money for the missing milk. United is also giving her a travel voucher and sending aviator caps for each of her three children.

West said she would rather have her milk, but added that she can at least walk away not feeling taken advantage of or dismissed.

West reached out to 8News earlier this month after two weeks worth of breast milk went missing during a recent flight. She had filled the cooler with frozen bags of breast milk and said the airline was less than helpful resolving the issue.

“When I arrived in Richmond and I opened my cooler, most of the contents were gone,” Kimberly West explained.

West is a U.S. Air Force Captain who was returning from a two-week deployment to Honolulu. Throughout the trip, West had pumped and stored the milk for her 7-month-old son Ronan.

“It’s devastating,” adds West. “It’s a lot of time that goes into nursing. It’s hard enough being separated from your little one so to put all that work into it and have it be gone. It was just, it was devastating.”

When she went to file a claim with the airline, she says employees didn’t take her seriously.

“She was very dismissive and rude to me,” West said. “She asked me what she was supposed to do about lost breast milk and she said that no one would steal it. Why would anyone want to steal it and basically blew me off.”

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