Montpelier hosts National Summit on Teaching Slavery

MONTPELIER, Va. — (WRIC)  From February 9-11, James Madison’s Montpelier hosts The National Summit on Teaching Slavery.

For the first time ever, national thought leaders from academia, museums, education fields, and descendants of enslaved people will gather to discuss best practices for teaching America’s history of slavery and its effects on American life.

The group includes representatives from the College of William and Mary, the University of Virginia, Harvard University, Cornell University, Southern Poverty Law Center, Howard School of Law, Ohio State University, and the National Historic Trust, which sponsors the event with James Madison’s Montpelier.

On Sunday, Feb 11, the participants will present an initial set of recommendations and teaching guidelines. They will also have an outline of next steps for implementation and updating those guidelines.

The summit hopes to establish new standards for cultural institutions and education systems that wish to teach these difficult and often divisive topics in a more diverse, authentic and representative way.

Visitors to James Madison’s Montpelier can enjoy an exhibition called, The Mere Distinction of Colour  which tells a holistic story about slavery during our Founding Era with input from descendants.

James Madison’s Montpelier is located at  11350 Constitution Highway, Montpelier Station, VA 22957

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