Hanover students take part in Project Sticker Shock

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. – (WRIC) If you’re buying alcohol, you may notice a special sticker on your drink.

The Sheriff’s office is targeting underage drinking with “Project Sticker Shock.”

Those stickers have a warning message about the penalties for buying alcohol for minors.

Saturday high school students were in the beer aisle helping deputies put stickers on alcohol.

“Really great time to do it because Super Bowl weekend is coming up and we really want to get the word out that there’s you can’t buy alcohol underage,it’s illegal but also for adults who want to buy alcohol for kids who are underage, that’s also illegal,” said Hanover Count high School Student Spencer Aitken. “It’s really not worth it honestly to take the risk and there are so many more options that you can find rather than just drinking and driving like call your parents or find and UBER.”

The goal of the stickers is to prevent underage drinking.

“We’re hoping that just a small sticker on a pack of alcohol or something can just make a difference and if a minor sees it he might think twice about drinking it and the consequences that come with it,” said Hanover County high school student Ryan Malick.

Students from all four Hanover County high schools apply to be a part of the project.

“It doesn’t really just impact you it also impacts your community and people that you talk to,” said Hanover County high school student Rebecca Gill. ” Drinking and driving isn’t just you in your car. It’s the people surrounding you in your car. In the long run, you aren’t just hurting yourself you’re hurting a lot of people.”


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