RACC rescues two dogs found starved, “skin and bones”

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Two dogs found starved and “skin and bones” by Good Samaritans are in recovery mode at Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC).

Quint and Zero, both pit bull mixes, were likely neglected by each of their owners, according to RACC Outreach Coordinator Robin Young.

“Within a 24-hour period, we received Quint and Zero and basically what we call zero on the body composition scale,” Young said. “They were probably in the worse shape they can be.”

Erin Garner discovered Quint, the black and white puppy, near Gilpin Court. He arrived at RACC covered in feces and urine burns.

“I brought him [to RACC] in tears; it was honestly one of the worst things I’d ever seen,” Garner said.

The brindle-colored Zero was brought to RACC the next day after being spotted along Monument Avenue.

Animal control officers said both dogs were likely left in cages for months by their owners.

Garner struggles to understand why anyone would treat the animals that way.

“They’re so innocent; animals in general and kids are so innocent that somebody can just do this to a dog,” Garner said.

Quint and Zero are making a remarkable recovery, thanks to food and water, as well as love and care from the staff at RACC.

RACC staff want to find Quint and Zero’s owners before placing the dogs in a new home.

“You can reach out to us anonymously if you think you know something about these two dogs” Young said.

The owners of the two dogs will likely face neglect charges, according to Young.