Richmond man pleads with city to fix water leak spilling into public alleyway

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond man is pleading with the City to fix a water leak that’s spilling into an alleyway behind his home.

George Lowe says for the past year and a half he has dealt with water overflowing from pipes in an alleyway and leaving a wet trail into a roadway.

Lowe says the city isn’t acting fast enough to handle the situation.

“Stressful, very stressful,” Lowe said, describing his interactions with the city, trying to get them to help fix the issue.

He said the leak has caused his water bill to shoot through the roof.

“I would say the average water bill runs about, I would say about $168, about average. And averages right now about $500 to $600 a month,” Lowe said.

Lowe said a plumber examined the property on Wednesday.

“My main concern is that the city takes care of this. This is an emergency situation, this ain’t a thing that can keep waiting,” Lowe said.

As the temperatures continue to drop, Lowe says the water in the alleyway poses a risk for both pedestrians and drivers.

The owner of the property said he’s getting fed up with lack of response too.

“It’s not making me feel appreciated,” David Moorefield said.

Moorefield said he has shelled out $5,000 to replace pipes but still has not found a solution.

He contacted the department of public utilities to request repairs and was told it would be addressed by Monday or Tuesday.

“For their sake and mine, I wish we could resolve this and get it fixed,” Moorefield said.

“If you look at the water spilling out onto Shephard Street, if a car happens to have a car accident, is the city going to be responsible for the damages?” Lowe asked.

A spokesperson from the Richmond Department of Public Utilities said they have 5-7 days to address the leak because it is not causing property damage or physical damage. Instead of responding to this leak, the department has to account for any emergency calls received.

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