Investigation Update: Non-profit steps in to repair Chesterfield woman’s rotting home

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — When 8News last spoke with Valley Pickren, she said the whole back side of her house was about to fall down.

She said the house was supposed to be her dream home for her and her son who has autism. That was when she first spoke to 8News three months ago.

8News recently caught up with Pickren. She said things have changed drastically.

“I feel like I have a new home,” Pickren said.

And it’s all thanks to a local non-profit called Project Homes which stepped up to make repairs. Pickren said she had already reached out to them for help but after a story aired on 8News, the group decided to reach out.

“We saw the piece on the news and we had a connection to one of the contractors she was working with,” CEO of Project Homes Lee Householder said.

Project Homes saw in our 8News report the critical need for repairs for Pickren and her family and got to work.

“The siding protects the home from moisture. Mold can grow as a result of moisture. We’re making a big step in improving indoor air quality by improving the exterior of the home,” Householder said.

Pickren said they also fixed her roof.

“The roof is new, they’re going to put gutters up,” Pickren said.

Pickren was a having second-floor patio door installed as a birthday present to herself. When contractors began working on her gift, they unwrapped a mess of mold and rotting wood.

“We took off the old door and we found all the rot,” Pickren explained.

8News found that the problem was the home didn’t have gutters or downspouts. It’s something we learned wasn’t required under state building code when her house was built. This allowed moisture to get in and destroy her dream home, until now.

“It’s like Christmas came early. Everything is getting done, I am just happy, excited,” Pickren said.

The work goes beyond siding and a new roof. Crews are pulling out the damaged sheetrock and insulation and replacing it.

“We are going to improve the entryways to the home,” Householder said.

And, it’s all free thanks to Project Homes’ grant program for critical home repairs.

“They’re awesome, all of this has taken place basically in seven days,” Picken added.

Householder said that’s just what his organization does.

“Our mission is to improve lives by improving homes,” Housholder said.

I truly thank you guys for coming out and thank you for doing the story because it helped me a lot,” Pickren said.

For more on Project Homes and their program, check here.

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