VIDEO: What not to feed your pets during Thanksgiving

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (NEXSTAR) — During Thanksgiving, families feast on a variety of different meals all while many of our pets look up at us for a nibble.

As hard as it can be for some pet-owners to say “no”, many of the ingredients in our Thanksgiving meals can have negative side-effects on our pets.

Pets are very routine oriented, meaning they do well with structure in their lives.

Instead of feeding them scraps from the dinner table that can have adverse side-effects, stick with your pets regular routine even if they give you those “puppy dog” eyes when looking up from the table.

“The best thing to know this Thanksgiving holiday is for us to eat lots of food, which is not for the pets. Just keep whatever your pets normal diet is, that’s the best thing you can do for them”, says Susun Andrews, a Veterinary Technician at Tiara Rado Animal Hospital.

Pets like dogs and cats are routine oriented meaning they’re comfortable and content when their lives have structure, including their diets.

“They just thrive more, they’re happier, you’ll have less cost if you stick with a routine rather than ending up here or in an emergency center over the weekend”, says Andrews.

Knowing what foods to look out for can keep you and your pet from having to visit the veterinarian.

“The main ones you want to stay away from is bones and fats. Any of the fatty foods like chicken skin and turkey skin can wreak havoc on a dog’s GI system if they’re not used to nutrient-rich foods”, says Andrews.

“If you’re traveling with a pet just try to keep their routine normal. If you go over the mountain pass you might want to give them a lighter meal in the morning”, says Andrews.

Stick with a healthier alternative like veterinarian recommended foods such as apples and bananas.

Here’s a list of ingredients that may be in your Thanksgiving recipes that are unhealthy for cats and dogs:


-Fatty foods

-Fat trimmings and bones

-Onions and garlic


-Raw eggs

-Raw fish




-Grapes and raisins


-Fruit with pits

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