Prince George County family on edge after finding bullet hole in home

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Prince George County woman is on edge after finding a bullet hole in her home. And she claims to be getting little help from police.

Laura Ledoux said it was a typical Monday morning dropping her kids off at school. But when she returned home, she was immediately put on alert with what she saw.

“Oh no, someone had shot our house,” Ledoux said, explaining her initial reaction. “So it scared me and put a lot of fear in me and I thought, ‘Who would do this?'”

For the past 18 years, Ledoux and her family have lived in the Middle Road Estates neighborhood. She said it’s been a quiet subdivision for her family, so she was surprised to find a bullet hole in her dining room.

“I looked over and found this place in the wall and noticed from the other side of the wall is where the bullet came through,” she said.

So she headed to the front of the home.

“I noticed there’s a hole here and it looks like the bullet went through our house on the siding,” Ledoux said, pointing at the suspected entry point. “Goes through this paneling on the other side.”

She immediately called the police but was surprised by the response she got.

“He basically said it doesn’t look like anything malicious; it looked like someone was shooting and missed their target,” Ledoux said. “He said it wasn’t unlawful for people to shoot in neighborhoods, which is pretty scary.”

There are no ordinances in Prince George County regarding recreational shooting. Police look to the state code on reckless handling, which includes adequate room and backstop.

“The officer did locate a target range area where people were shooting for target practice and it did have an adequate backstop,” Alex Grochmal with Prince George County Police explained.

As the investigation continues, Ledoux said she plans on warning her neighbors.

“It’s pretty frustrating to think someone else’s house could get shot or someone could get shot just standing in their yard or sitting in their home,” she said.

While the local police department is investigating the incident, Ledoux said she plans on keeping her family inside for the next several days and checking with neighbors to find out where the shots were fired from.

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