Controversial Halloween decorations lead to threats

Image courtesy of WMDV

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HOUSTON, Texas (WDVM) — These photos of Halloween decorations in Texas caused quite the stir on social media recently.

Someone posted pictures of the display on Facebook. It appears to show a scarecrow with black hands hanging from a chain on a tree, but the owner says it’s all a mistake.

The homeowner, who did not give his last name, says it’s a misunderstanding based on the angle of the photo.

“I understand the picture that he put, it did look like he was hanging from a chain which not good, that’s nothing I would do,” said Roderick.

If you look up close, you can tell the scarecrow is not hanging from anything. The chain hangs in front of the scarecrow.

Thousands commented on social media saying the decorations were “racist” and some even threatened the homeowner.

“There’s never been an issue, I’ve never even thought of it, said Roderick. No one’s even suggested this might be an issue.”

As a result, Roderick decided to take it down after putting it up every Halloween for the last 10 years.

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