Chesterfield teen launches Instagram campaign to raise money for breast cancer charity

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A high school student in Chesterfield County is using social media to raise money for breast cancer.

When 17 year old Cameron Wells was searching for an idea for his math project at Monocan High School, he decided to use the one thing that connects all of his friends.

“Everybody has an Instagram that’s in high school. Everybody,” Cameron Wells said.

The assignment was for him and his classmate to raise awareness for a cause.

Since its October, they chose breast cancer and they decided for every ten new followers they get on Instagram, they’ll each donate $2 to a breast cancer charity.

“I’m not trying to get famous or make anything off of this personally,” Wells said. “I am just trying to make a difference and I think it’s going to make me feel better in the long run cause I know I’m doing something good.”

The pair can’t ask for outright donations because it is a school project. That is why they decided to put up their own money.

It’s that part of the project that Cameron’s mother, Katie Roussos couldn’t believe.

“I think I actually started tearing up because I was surprised,” Katie Roussos, Cameron’s mother said.

Roussos just capped off her own battle with cancer and while she wasn’t fighting breast cancer, she says anything helps the cause.

“Anything to help cancer research is a step for everybody,” Roussos said.

Right now, they are just in the preliminary stages and spreading the word though friends.

“They don’t think I’m being serious about this at all,” Wells said. “They think I’m doing this just to get followers but as I explained it’s bigger than me.”

Wells said he will stick to his word but he also hopes this inspires other kids his age to do something similar.

You can follow Cameron on Instagram at @CameronWells12 and you can also follow his project partner at @brandon_lyda.

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