Henrico residents frustrated over poor cell phone reception in the Tuckahoe area

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — We’ve all been frustrated with poor cell phone service at some point or another. It usually happens when you are somewhere remote.

But there are hundreds of people who say they struggle to make calls from their homes in Henrico’s West End.

Many residents living in Tuckahoe say they’re constantly dropping calls and living with just one bar of service on their phones.

However, Tuckahoe isn’t a rural part of the county, it’s the middle of civilization.

Mahood Fonville has lived on Tree Top Lane since 2010. He says cell phone service here used to be just fine, but now it’s dismal.

“I’ve got a real estate business. I work from my home a lot, nights and weekends and I’ve got to find the right corner in the house or the right angle in the driveway to stand to get any cell service,” Fonville said.

He’s not the only one.

Since August, more than 700 people in the county’s West End have signed a petition to try to fix the problem.

They are all Verizon customers frustrated by shaky cell phone service.

“There’s a great demand for better service. We just need help from Verizon,” Fonville said. “They need to step up and say we realized that it’s poor service. We know it’s marginal, whatever marginal means, and we’re going to try to fix it.”

Verizon admits there’s a problem.

In a statement to 8News, a spokesperson explained the company has been trying to find spots for new cell phone towers for years and that “while there are viable locations to place new cell sites that would address issues, we have been challenged in finding property owners to partner with us.”

The people with dicey service say they’re willing to partner with the company to find a solution. But right now, they don’t feel like Verizon wants to even bother.

So, if you’re asking why don’t these people switch to a different provider, the answer is some of them have tried.

But the reception wasn’t any better.

8News reporter Kristin Smith uses a different provider, but still, has reception issues in the area.

We’ll keep watching this story to see what becomes of it.

Check here to see how you can sign the petition.

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