Richmond SPCA accepts dogs from hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond SPCA just rescued six adorable dogs from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Now the pups are looking for forever homes.

The dogs were taken from animal shelters in Puerto Rico. The Richmond SPCA partnered with the Humane Society to fly the dogs to Virginia and help them find forever homes.

“We know from past experience that our community just has a wonderful response to animals in need from natural disasters and this was a terrible disaster,” Robin Starr, from Richmond SPCA said.

Conditions following Hurricane Maria remain dismal.

Families who lost everything are struggling to take care of themselves, much less their pets.

By moving dogs out of the shelters in Puerto Rico, they are opening up space for animals who need help.


“So we are helping them to take animals out of the shelters and the rescue organizations in order to allow them to have the capacity to save the other lives,” Starr said.

Sarah Barnett from the Humane Society also spoke with 8News about the dogs.

“They wanna make sure their animals are safe so we really wanna make sure these people are in a position where they can rebuild and they can keep their animals and keep them healthy,” Barnett said.

The dogs are not ready for adoption just yet. Veterinarians need to make sure they’re healthy first.

A couple of the pooches need medical care.

Once they’re treated and given the all clear, they’ll be ready for a new family to love.

SPCA representatives said it will be at least a week before the dogs are ready for adoption. If you can’t adopt the dogs, you can always donate to help the SPCA.

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