#8SportsBlitz Team of the Week for Week 7: Deep Run Wildcats

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — With less than a minute to play Aidan Wheeler plunged over the goal line from one yard out to make the score Deep Run 27, Douglas Freeman 28. Next up: an easy extra point and overtime; but Deep Run Head Coach Chad Hornik had other ideas.

Hornik called time out, then left the offense on the field to go for two. Wheeler again kept the ball, this time running around right end, and he made Hornik look like a genius by scoring the winning two points. The Wildcats beat Freeman 29-8, and the home crowd went crazy.

Hornik said the team was playing well in the second half, at least better than the opponent. Freeman led 28-21 at halftime, but conservative play calling and an injured offensive line left them unable to move the ball and hoping the clock would save them.

Instead, it was the Rebels fighting the clock on their final drive as Deep Run closed out the first win over Freeman in the Chad Hornik era. Hornik began his career locally as an assistant at Freeman under Bob Brinkley. He then moved to Thomas Jefferson before taking over at Deep Run in 2016.

The Wildcats made the playoffs for the first time since 2007 in Hornik’s first season, and their favorable remaining schedule has them poised to do so again in 2017.