Why was hit-and-run, DWI suspect released on bond?

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The search for answers continues following a bizarre hit-and-run incident that occurred in Chesterfield County Tuesday night.

Shortly after she fled from two crash scenes in Chesterfield, 35-year-old Carolyn Miller was arrested for DWI in Henrico County. She was released Wednesday morning, and may have been involved in a third accident.

Based on cell phone video obtained by 8News, a legal expert said Miller should have been arrested without bond. Now, 8News is learning why Henrico Police had no idea she was wanted for hit and run in Chesterfield.

In the video we first showed you earlier this week, two drivers who were struck tried to get a woman they say appeared to be intoxicated from leaving the scene of the crash.

The woman, Carolyn Miller, was arrested in Henrico County roughly an hour later, but the arresting officers had no idea of her involvement in the two prior accidents.

The next day, Miller posted bail. The car she was driving on Tuesday was involved in another accident Wednesday morning that sent a driver to the hospital.

State police responded, but have yet to say whether the person behind the wheel was Miller or whether they were drunk.

“There ought to be enough communication between law enforcement agencies that they know that a vehicle that they find on day two was involved in something on day one,” Legal Analyst Russ Stone said.

Chesterfield Police told 8News on Wednesday they had identified the woman in the video as Miller and were still investigating. But Stone said based solely on the witness video, police had enough to arrest her and keep her in jail without bond.

“Why didn’t you arrest her?” Stone questioned. “Clearly the second accident, if in fact that is her and she was driving, that could have been prevented if she was arrested.”

So, we reached out to Chesterfield Police to see if other jurisdictions were notified that Miller was being sought.

“What I saw in that video, I would be a little surprised if that alert had not gone out,” Stone said.

Cell phone video taken at the scene of Tuesday’s hit and run showed citizens trying to stop Miller from fleeing the scene.

8News also asked why a warrant for her arrest hadn’t been issued yet. They explained that two BOLO, or ‘be on the lookout,’ advisories were sent to police within Chesterfield County. They explained that those alerts typically are not sent to other jurisdictions unless they have reason to believe a suspect left the jurisdiction.

Police said they went to Miller’s home that night, but she wasn’t there. As to why an arrest warrant hadn’t been issued yet, they said the officer who began the investigation on Tuesday was off Wednesday and Thursday. He returned to work Friday and has obtained warrants for the suspect, who has been located.

Miller was arrested and taken into police custody Friday evening by Chesterfield County Police.

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