Racist fliers left on windshields near Ohio restaurant: ‘Blacks not welcome’

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NEW ALBANY (WCMH) — A flier was left on the windshield of cars at an apartment complex in New Albany that states black people were not welcomed to a local pub.

Co-owner of Average Joe’s Pub, Paul Rockwell, said he does not understand why someone would involve his business in something that’s so hateful.

“We open outdoors to everybody,” said Rockwell. “We always have, we always will.”

The flier uses a racial slur that refers to black people and states they are not welcomed.

Residents here at The Chelsea Place Apartments in New Albany are the ones who woke up to these fliers on their windshields Thursday.

One of the tenants who received the flier posted a picture on social media, getting more than 150 shares on Facebook.

Another called the police because they were afraid.

The co-owner of the bar said this kind of hate should not be tolerated.

“Nobody should wake up to that on their car. It’s not right.”

Rockwell added this one act has been very emotional for him. He said it affected the people who received the fliers, his customers, and even his staff who’ve been answering the phone calls from people who saw it on social media.

He had personally answered phone calls and explained to people his business did not do this and even apologized.

“This is not what we’re about, and we’re not going to allow hate to be spread in our name,” said Rockwell. ” We’re sorry this happened and you know it’s tough, but you know we’ll make it right and we’re going to find out who did this.”

Police are looking into this incident to see if those are the only fliers placed on people’s cars.

The New Albany location put a statement on its Facebook page Thursday:

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