Barber: Vegas gunman came in smelling like alcohol

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Video courtesy of CNN.

LAS VEGAS (KRON) — The barber of the Las Vegas gunman who killed 58 concert-goers in a sniping spree says he previously came in for a trim smelling like alcohol.

It was about two months ago when Kallie Beig last cut Stephen Paddock’s hair.

Beig says Paddock came in with his girlfriend and told her that he was sending her to the Philippines.

He talked about how he was going to be home alone for a while.

“It wasn’t anything weird,” Beig said. “It wasn’t anything that seemed off.”

Here’s the entire quote from Beig:

“The last time I saw him was probably only two months ago. It was about two months ago… he came in and got his hair cut, and again, smelled of alcohol, and his girlfriend was with him… and again, just kind of doing her own thing, and he say down and he was telling me about her leaving to go to the Philippines, and he was going to be home alone for a while by himself. It wasn’t anything weird. It wasn’t anything that seemed off.”

Since the shooting, investigators have found that Paddock was, in fact, planning on sending his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, out of the country well in advance.

It was also discovered that he wired $100,000 to the Philippines while she was there.

Danley denies having any knowledge of her boyfriend’s plans to execute a mass shooting.

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