Be Moved studio offers classes to dancers of all ages

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Studies confirm a fact about aging: You’ll get along much better if you keep moving.

Be Moved is a dance studio for students of all ages. Eager students fill the studio three times a week.

Juan Conde spoke with Fontaine Williamson who attends classes there.

“Be Moved is wonderful for older ladies because it’s very gentle. We do a lot of stretching and deep breathing and it’s easy on the joints … and a lot of fun,” Williamson said.

Instructor Myra Daleng led University of Richmond’s dance department for 30 years.

“I’m supposed to be retired, but this is my passion now,” Daleng said. “The fountain of youth comes from never stop moving. If you’re active and you get the endorphins and your body is supple and you get all the benefits of heart, mind, body, soul, it all goes together.”

The music moves too, rotating through 17 different genres.

“Every week it’s different so it’s always exciting. It’s never the same ever,” Daleng said. “Today we’re doing ‘Wild, Cool and Swinging,” which is all Rat Pack music.”

“It’s for all abilities. Everybody, anybody, you could have danced your whole life or never danced. You can do this,” Daleng said.

“Myra is a wonderful teacher,” Williamson said. “She’s so accepting and welcoming and she accepts us wherever we are and encourages us without making us feel anything negative at all.”

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