Indianapolis veteran takes a knee in front of presidential motorcade

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) — An Indianapolis veteran is getting national attention for his actions while President Donald Trump was in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

U.S. Army veteran Marvin Boatright held a flag and took a knee as the presidential motorcade passed by the funeral home he runs off Keystone Avenue near 39th Street.

“As they were coming out, we knew he would be able to see, and so we kind stood at an angle,” said Boatright.

The veteran said he probably would have stood tall and watched as President Trump passed by, but a recent tweet changed his mind.

“Our commander in chief indicated over the weekend that those who took a knee were somehow less than patriotic,” said Boatright.

He said that’s not true.

“I wanted to dramatize the fact that I, as a veteran and a citizen, I am for our country, and I am for our flag and the anthem. However, I am against social injustice.”

He said the message behind taking a knee seems to have gotten lost.

“You can be patriotic. You can love our nation and all that it holds, but you also have the right and the opportunity in this nation to protest and to voice your opinion,” Boatright said.

It’s one of the constitutional rights Boatright said he fought for. He said he joined the Army when he was 17 years old. He served from 1974-1976.

Boatright said his actions on Wednesday were not meant to disrespect Trump, but rather show the commander in chief what taking a knee means to him.

“I hope when he came by, he was not reading his notes, but happened to look out the window and see me and see what I stand for,” said Boatright.

He’s hoping his actions prompt change.

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