Police in Indiana shoot at actor portraying bank robber

(file photo)

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (AP) — Indiana State Police say they’re investigating after a police officer in the western Indiana city of Crawfordsville fired a gunshot at a movie actor portraying a bank robber.

No one was hurt.

State police say Crawfordsville police were responding to a report of a possible robbery at Backstep Brewing Co. on Tuesday evening when they encountered actor Jim Duff.

Duff was wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun while leaving the brewery with his back to the officers. Police told him to drop the gun, but Duff turned toward them. An officer fired a shot that missed Duff.

Police say Duff dropped the gun, pulled off his mask and told officers they were on a movie set.

Police say the production company, Montgomery County Movies, and the brewery didn’t notify them or other businesses before filming.

Montgomery County Movies posted a statement on their Facebook page thanking the police department for their quick response. They also said they are working with police to put a plan in place to stop this from happening again.

They also say that according to witnesses the actor “complied with the police, removed his mask, and a gunshot was fired.”