Colorado police searching for serial sidewalk pooper

Image courtesy of WCMH

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (WCMH) — A Colorado family says a woman keeps defecating on the sidewalk in front of their house during her weekly jogs.

“It’s not like it’s private, people can see you, I mean we are seeing her!” homeowner Cathy Budde tells KKTV.

According to Budde, the female jogger strikes about once a week and isn’t ashamed of her mid-run bathroom break. Even Budde’s kids have seen the woman defecating.

“They came screaming, like, you’re not going to believe this they are like crying. I’m like what? They are like ‘There’s a lady taking a poop!’ And so I come outside, and I’m like oh dear goodness! I was like ‘ Are you serious, are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids!?’ She’s like ‘Yeah, sorry!’”

Budde says the woman knows what she’s doing and comes prepared with napkins in her pockets.

Police are now looking into the incidents, and hope the serial pooper will stop before she’s charged with indecent exposure and public defecation charges.

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