Moms-to-be turning to five minute treatment to curb aches and pains

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Megan Cagle is back at Capital Chiropractic for her weekly appointment. Now 37 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, these quick tune ups are bliss.

“I look forward to coming because it’s relaxing,” she says. “You get to lay on the table, and then your back does feel a lot better.”

Dr. Andy Melchert explains the hormone ‘relaxin’ that loosens ligaments ahead of birth also allows bones to move and shift.

“Your center of gravity changes as the baby grows forward,” Dr. Melchert says. “So low back pain is a very common complaint that pregnant women have.”

The American Pregnancy Association lists hands-on chiropractic therapy as a safe method of relieving common aches and pains for expectant moms.

Dr. Melchert remembers one request he received from a patient hours before she welcomed a baby girl.

“She was in labor,” he relays. “She called me up and she said, ‘Dr. Melchert, I’m in labor and I’m on my way to the hospital but could you just give me an adjustment before I get there because I know what I’m about to go through.'”

It will not be long before Cagle and her husband welcome their son.

“We’re just excited to get to meet him in the next couple weeks,” she says with a smile.

Cagle plans to keep up with her regular chiropractic appointments until the big day.

“Staying active and then coming in for these adjustments have really helped, have helped me with any of the aches and pains that come with all the changes that your body’s going through,” Cagle says. “So I definitely recommend it.”

The American Pregnancy Association says there are some other potential benefits of chiropractic care for moms-to-be, including a reduced labor and delivery time, the need for a Cesarean section or even breech birth prevention.

It is recommended that any expectant mother first talk with her obstetrician or midwife to make sure the treatments are appropriate.

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