8 Questions with Juan Conde: Independent video producer Jerry Williams

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Welcome to another installment of 8 Questions with Juan Conde, where we will find out what makes people in our great community tick. Juan asks his guests to answer just eight questions about their business, their life, and their time here in Richmond.

Our guest this week is Jerry Williams. He’s been a successful independent video producer for decades. He’s also been a successful film and theater critic, in print and on-air.

Old-school Richmonders may remember Jerry from stints producing videos and communications for Helig-Meyers Furniture and, before that, Richmond Public Schools.

In today’s chat, we focus on Jerry’s new project, a documentary film on gay, counter-culture icon Dirtwoman. See what inspired him, where he’s mining footage and interviews, and what it means for an accomplished arts critic to make a feature film of his own. It’s an interesting chat with a man whose been at the top of his game for years.

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