Take this quiz to see which candidate for Va. governor aligns with your views

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A non-partisan organization known for breaking down complex political information has launched a new way for Virginians to see which gubernatorial candidate is the best fit for their vote.

The quiz, from the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), is called #MyVaCandidate.

After answering 16 questions, it matches users with the candidate that best shares their views. Users can then choose to share the results on social media.

#MyVaCandidate covers six topics.

“We look at the economy and taxes, social issues, education, public safety, things like that,” said associate director Richard Borean. “The environment is in there as well.”

Users are asked questions like, “Do you oppose the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines?” or “Should Virginia pursue income tax policy changes?”

At the end of the quiz, it reveals how closely your answers match those of Republican Ed Gillespie, Democrat Ralph Northam and Libertarian Cliff Hyra.

The candidates’ stances were determined by the publicly-held positions they have on their websites, debate transcripts and news articles.

“In addition, there’s been some back and forth between the campaigns and us just to make sure that our answers do align with them,” said Borean.

Borean said the quiz provides voters with a unique opportunity.

“You can read news articles and you can watch interviews, but until you really see, how do my views and my answers compare with the answers of the candidates, it’s going to be kind of tricky,” he said.

VPAP is also preparing for Election Night. The organization will be providing live results on its website November 7.

“You can see the tallies coming in and who’s ahead and who’s behind,” said Borean. “And you can see how the gap between the candidates is narrowing or widening.”

To take the #MyVaCandidate quiz, click HERE.

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