Amy Lacey’s Pet Corner: Ticks a year-round issue for pets in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In this web-exclusive series, 8News Anchor Amy Lacey introduces us to pets across Central Virginia, highlighting everything from medical needs to trends and how you can be a better pet parent.

In this episode, Amy talks with the Richmond SPCA about how ticks are a year-round issue for pets in Virginia.

While the dog days of summer are winding down, illnesses like Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis are still possible in the fall and winter.

Dr. Jaime Infantes, an Associate Veterinarian with the Richmond SPCA, explains it never truly gets cold enough to kill off the tick population in Virginia. It is why families need to be proactive anytime pets have been outside, no matter what month it is.

“You don’t find the tick on your pet for quite some time and for the pet to become sick from those tick borne diseases,” Dr. Infantes says. “Therefore, we recommend year-round prevention for both ticks and fleas.”

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