Flood zone maps have changed in Central Virginia

MECHANICSVILLE, Va. (WRIC) — The devastation in Texas is a reminder of the importance of flood insurance.

Most water damage isn’t covered under your regular home insurance.

What many people don’t know is that flood zone can change over time.

The flood zone maps are re-districted every couple of years. In fact, the most recent re-zoning happened in April of this year.

So, while you may have been in the clear a few years ago, your property could now be considered at risk.

“Even small little creeks down in reservoirs, places you would never think were in a flood zone are now in a flood zone,” said Ryan Atkinson with Atkinson Insurance.

Atkinson said it’s important to check with your agent to see if your home is now in a flood zone, you can also look it up though the FEMA website.

“On the website, there is a map, you can actually plug your address in and see how close you are to a flood zone area,” Atkinson said.

If you find yourself at risk you will want to act fast because flood insurance policies have a 30 day wait period.

“You can’t call up the day before a hurricane and say I need flood insurance,” Atkinson said.

Even if you are renting, you can get a contents only insurance package to protect your belongings.

“Renters that are on the first floor would be the ones that need to be of concern,” Atkinson said. “If you are up on the second or thirds floor you certainly hopefully wouldn’t need to be of concern.”

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