Couple spots large rattlesnake on Hilton Head beach


HILTON HEAD, SC (WNCN) — A family vacationing at Hilton Head was surprised to see a large rattlesnake wash up in a wave on the beach last week.

Jonathan and Lindsay Wiles were on their vacation at the beach last week with their four children.

The couple decided to take a walk along the Port Royal Plantation Beach one morning and saw a huge rattlesnake slithering along the beach.

Snakes are not uncommon in the area, but seeing a large rattler on the beach and just as it comes ashore seems to be rare.

“This guy just rolled out of a wave right in front of us this morning. Literally, the wave just deposited him,” Jonathan Wiles wrote on Facebook.

The snake appeared to be an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake.

“One of the last things I would expect to wash up onto shore in front of me,” Jonathan Wiles added to a video post of the snake.

The video and photos posted by the Orange County, Virginia couple have nearly 2 million views less than in one week.

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