More than two weeks after being hospitalized, Petersburg city treasurer still not on the job

PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — In Petersburg, there is still no sign of the City Treasurer Kevin Brown. City officials say he hasn’t been to work in more than two weeks after his wife told 8News he had been hospitalized.

Mayor Sam Parham and the Robert Bobb group, the firm brought in to turn around the city’s finances, both say they have had zero contact with Kevin Brown or his family since he did not show up for work more than two weeks ago. Now, officials say they need to know what is going on.

“I have not heard from the treasurer other than the story that broke with 8News with his wife saying that he was having some health issues, and we are praying for Gloria and Kevin right now in this time,” Parham said.

Mayor Parham says he has no idea when the person still charged with collecting money owed to the city will return to the Treasurer’s office.

“We pray for a speedy recovery for him,” Parham said.

Robert Bobb says the city treasurer owes it to the city to update them.

“The city treasurer should send some correspondence to city council and the mayor as to what his status is given that it is a crucial office of the city,” Bobb said.

Brown is an elected official and does not have to answer to anyone in city government, except for the people who elected him. Now, having been gone for more than two weeks, many believe he should keep city officials in the loop.

“The office may be functioning, but it is a critical part of the overall city operation and the city has an obligation to know whether or not the city treasurer is on vacation for 2 weeks,” Bobb said. “We definitely should know whether or not, if in fact there is a medical situation, then we should know and protect his medical information.”

Vice Mayor John Hart, though, says not so fast.

“He doesn’t owe the Robert Bobb group anything,” Hart said. “They are employees of council and the city, he lets his staff know, they’ll inform us as to what is going on if he’s out. I’ve personally have talked with him, he’s doing a whole lot better.”

“He just can’t hide behind the fact that it is a constitutional office so therefore he has no obligation to the city,” Bobb said. “In fact, he does have an obligation to the city because of his office and he has an obligation to those who elected him to that position.”

Brown’s wife told 8News he has been in the hospital, but is now out. She also claims he’s only obligated to work 90 days a year.

Robert Bobb says he plans to meet with the city attorney and mayor on Thursday to look at their options. The city attorney on Wednesday told 8News he had no comment.

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