Chesterfield residents voice concerns over proposed townhouse development

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some Chesterfield County residents are raising serious concerns over a proposed development in Midlothian.

Located off of Courthouse Road near Powhite Parkway, you’ll see a huge plot of land. In front of it, a sign shows a plea for help asking residents to speak up as the county weighs whether to approve a proposal to build 99 town homes on the land.

Behind the vacant lot is the Brandon neighborhood where Randy Smith has lived for over 20 years.

“It was nice to have a pasture there with two or three horses running through it years ago, but replacing it with 99 townhomes it really destroys a neighborhood feel,” Smith said.

Randy Smith.

Smith is one of a number of residents who have big concerns about the potential project including overcrowding schools and decreasing property values. Smith says the biggest concern is though is increased traffic.

“There are accidents that occur up and down courthouse road right now currently,” said resident Darian Scalard.

Scalard says she was hit on Courthouse Road a few months ago.

“Someone t-boned me in my driver’s side. I was hit by two vehicles at the same time 3 months ago. Still currently going through back and neck issues,” said Scarlard.

She says the project will make it even more difficult to get in and out of the neighborhood, but not everyone is opposed to the proposal.

“I think it’s a good idea. I think there is absolutely no curb appeal when you first pull into this neighborhood,” said resident Betty Willis.

Wills says she thinks the neighborhood could use an update, and new townhomes could increase property values.

“I think brand new condominiums would actually be appealing,” said Willis.

“It’s not an issue of we don’t want them to be in our development, it’s an issue of this is the wrong place,” said Scalard.

Darian Scalard.

“If this development goes through, if they build it i will sell my house and look for some other place to live because it’s just gotten too crowded for me,” said Smith.

The planning commission will meet on August 15th to discuss the proposal.

Scalard says you can get in touch with residents with your thoughts through the Nextdoor app.

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