Can you help ID stranger caught on camera trying to get into cars in Chesterfield neighborhood?

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC)  —  Neighbors in Arbor Landing in Chesterfield County want help identifying a stranger caught on camera trying to get into their cars.

Kelly Findlay says she and her husband put up the security camera outside their home after someone stole things from their unlocked van in July.

“It makes me really scared and makes me feel violated that someone’s going through my stuff and trying to take stuff that we bought,” adds Findlay.

Around dinner time on Monday, security video shows a stranger sauntering up the family’s driveway, checking the car door handles and then walking away once they realized the doors were locked.

Seven hours later, after midnight, the camera captured it happening again.

This time, a man wearing shorts and a hoodie walked up the driveway in the pouring rain, pulled on the both vehicles’ door handles then walked away. When the motion sensor light comes on, he doesn’t flinch.

Findlay says seeing someone in her driveway twice in one night makes her uneasy.

“Just not sleeping so well,” she explained. “Worried that something else may happen and trying to keep it all hidden from my kids because I don’t want them to be scared.”

Findlay filed a police report but really hopes someone will look at the video and identify the man.

“I think it would be hard for someone to not recognize him because the picture’s so clear that someone has to know who it is,” says Findlay.

Neighbor Richard Badzinski has lived in Arbor Landing since 1989. “I was quite surprised and happy to see a video of the person so that if I see him in the neighborhood, I know who to call,” he says.

Incidents like this one should serve as a reminder to everyone no matter where they live to keep their doors locked and their eyes open. If you see something unusual, report it.

If you can identify the man in the video, call Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.

Click here to check on crime in your area.

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