Virginia’s active duty military tackle NFL boot camp

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It wasn’t your your typical military physical training in Richmond Wednesday morning.

“They’re a little different,” said Michael Seyl, who is on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. “We do more body exercises, like, if there was a pull up bar out here, it would be pretty good.”

Military service members had the opportunity to train like the Washington Redskins at USAA’s NFL boot camp.

“This is a day for USAA to bring the NFL to service members and just give back,” said USAA Military Affairs Representative Ronney Wright.

Active duty military from several bases across Virginia spent the morning running drills like the ones used to test the talents of NFL athletes.

“It’s hard,” said Alexa Fitzgerald, who is currently on active duty in the U.S. Army. “I can’t believe they go through all of this cause I definitely couldn’t do all of this. But it’s challenging and it’s building repor and teamwork, and so it’s exciting.”

This NFL boot camp has run for several years as a way to give back to these service members.

“We didn’t want them to go on the injured reserve,” Wright said. “So we make sure we have them warmed up and we’re ready to rock and roll. But this should be nothing different than {what} they’ve done on a normal basis.”

Lance Corporal Michael Seyl is a former cross country runner — and put his speed to the test in a sprinting exercise.

“We’re actually about to head over to the 40 yard dash, so I’m looking forward to that right now,” Seyl said.

He ended up clocking the 40-yard-dash in under five seconds.

Military service members train to pass their own set of rigorous physical standards.

But for Idaho native Alexa Fitzgerald, the Virginia heat and humidity are a new challenge for this PT test.

“We work through it and it helps you sweat more,” Fitzgerald said.


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