Bikers surprise young boy with new mini-motorcycle after his is stolen

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A little boy from central Ohio recently had his mini motorcycle stolen. It was a gift from his dad, who died just a few months ago. Sunday, four year old Logan Pack got a huge surprise thanks to some friendly bikers.

Logan has always wanted to ride just like his dad.

“Every time that our neighbors here would get their motorcycles out Logan would run out saying daddy, daddy, thinking that it was his daddy riding up,” said Logan’s grandma Cheryl Moody.

Logan’s dad Joey died in January. His mini-motorcycle from him was his most prized possession.

“After his daddy passed away he held onto that bike with all of his heart and soul. He loved that bike. We couldn’t even get him off from it only to go to bed at night. He would sit on it to watch TV even,” said Cheryl.

Logan was devastated after learning the bike had been stolen from his backyard.

“It’s been really tragic. Logan actually got this bike from his dad before he passed away and it was very important to us,” said Logan’s mom Julia Moody.

After hearing his story, Chief Lytten, who lives next door, knew he had to do something.

“We’re bikers and a lot of people want to give us a bad rep and everything, but you know we really have a big heart for kids,” said Lytten.

Lytten called on his biker friends and raised enough to surprise Logan with a brand new bike of his own.

“We just kind of took the little booger under our wing and we love him to death,” said Lytten.

After the big reveal everyone went for a spin around the neighborhood.

“I think they have a special place in my heart now, forever,” said Julia.


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