Local OBGYN’s abrupt closing leaves patients feeling ‘betrayed’

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — After months of care, a group of expectant moms in the area received some devastating news: They are going to have to find new doctors to deliver their babies.

It’s a pregnant woman’s worst nightmare: Imagine you’re due to give birth in a month or two when you learn your doctor’s office is suddenly shutting down. That’s what’s happening in the Fredericksburg area and women are freaking out.

“I’m lucky I’m not pregnant. If I was pregnant, I would be absolutely furious,” patient Jennifer Holliday told 8News Reporter Kristin Smith.

Holliday has been a patient at Generations of Women — one of two OBGYN practices located inside the Pogonia Medical Arts Facility — Spotsylvania County for the past three years. On Wednesday, she learned the OBGYN practice is going out of business.

“I think everyone feels very betrayed at this point,” she told 8News Reporter Kristin Smith. “The fact that there are a lot of women who are late in pregnancy, and all of a sudden they have to find a new OB, my heart breaks for them.”

The Generation of Women Facebook page no longer exists, but social media is how many of the patients learned of the devastating news. They feel their doctors at least owed them an email.

“I understand phone calls are going to take a lot of time, but they should have at least contacted their patients,” patient Jessica Eppard said.

A teary-eyed office manager at Generations of Women told 8News that staff just learned the practice was closing, too. She said doctors will continue to deliver their pregnant patients through July 28 and that all others can visit the practice website to request their medical records.

The office manager didn’t specify why the doctor’s office is closing its doors, and at the same time upsetting so many women who counted on their physicians’ care.

“Everything is closing very, very suddenly and the pieces just aren’t adding up,” Holliday added.

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