Graffiti, pothole problems frustrate Richmond residents

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Graffiti and deep potholes have some taxpayers on West Grace Street feeling neglected and frustrated.

“There is no way to avoid that hole,” area homeowner George Lough said while showing 8News a big crater in an alley behind his home in the 28000 block of West Grace Street.

The bumpy ride from the potholes is making it difficult for the Lough and other homeowners to navigate their cars into their garages.

“You can only do so much patching,” Lough said about the city’s work in the area in the past.

Some residents have even seen cars damaged.

“A lot of cars are getting flat tires over the issue. Other people have gotten their bumpers messed up, ” Lough explained.

And with the uneven pavement and deep holes, when it rains the neighbors say the alleys flood.

“You don’t know how deep down you’re going,” homeowner Dawn Latane said. “One time I went down pretty far and I wasn’t sure I could get out again.”

On top of trying to get around the potholes, there is also graffiti littering the fence and back of the Sheltering Arms building that butts up to the alleys.

“It’s getting cuss words and curse words,” Lough said.

They say they’ve been reaching out to the city about these issues for years now. They’ve even posted their concerns on Richmond’s ‘SeeClickFix.’ It’s been acknowledged, but not addressed.

“I have contacted the city several times, no feedback,” Lough said.

“If something could be done we be very happy,” Latane added.

8News reached out to the Department of Public Works and was told the problem has been forwarded to a supervisor for inspection and repairs.

Sheltering Arms tells 8News because the graffiti can be viewed from the street, it is the city’s responsibility to cover it up. A Sheltering Arms spokesperson says three months ago they filled out paperwork with the city to get it cleaned up. They do tell 8News this is an ongoing problem and the building has been repainted some 50 to 60 times because of graffiti.

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