8News helps Colonial Heights resident whose truck was damaged driving through work zone

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — For more than 6 months now, residents in Colonial Heights have been dealing with major road construction at the intersection of I-95 and Temple Avenue. It’s all to put in a round about.

Now, a Colonial Heights man says his truck is wrecked and it’s because he hit loose debris from the work zone.

Trevor Pilout says he was driving through the construction zone when it happened.

“I saw it and it was a little too late,” said Pilout.

Pilout says right in the middle of the road was a piece of what looked like rebar. The car in front of him hit it and Pilout tried to swerve and miss it but he ran right over it.

“It was just kind of like a little pop,” said Pilout.

His tires were just fine, but his truck was not.

“I just kept on about my business and got halfway down I-85 and looked in my rear view mirror to get over and I saw there was a chunk missing out of my bed,” said Pilout.

His rear fender was shattered.

“Basically destroyed, this whole side piece all the way from the back,” said Pilout as he pointed out the damage on his truck.

Pilout reached out to VDOT to notify them of the hazard and hoped they would help fix his truck.

“I sent an email and of course that email didn’t get responded back to,” said Pilout.

That’s until 8News got involved, we asked VDOT what could be done.

“Anyone who would like to report or file a claim for any damages done to their vehicle is more than welcome to contact our Customer Service Center anytime by phone or though our online system,” said Bethanie Glover, a spokesperson VDOT.

Shortly after Pilout received a call from VDOT and the process to possibly get his truck fixed has begun. But, looking back, Pilout says he is thankful it was only his truck hurt early Wednesday morning.

“I thought to myself somebody else could hit that, just like I said before, it could go through my windshield or go through their windshield and basically kill somebody,” said Pilout.

8News did ask VDOT if they have had any other reported damage from that construction site since it began. They say this is the first report and they are investigating what exactly happened.

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