Get Fit RVA: Whitney works out with SEAL Team PT on James River

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — As part of the Get Fit RVA series, Whitney Harris worked out with a SEAL Team Physical Training group — again.  But this time, they were on rafts on the James River.

Before they were on the water, though, they did a whole lot of working out on land. The group started with many sprints. They sprinted up and down the Tyler Potterfield Bridge and even climbed over the stairs to the bridge.

The group then did smurph jacks, star jumps, and pushups. Whitney said she was already exhausted.

“By the way, you’re on TV — you gotta do it right!” said John McGuire, the owner of SEAL Team PT.

“I’m going to edit this part out,” Whitney said, laughing.

Next, the group did pushups and carried each other over a metal barrier. After that came lunges, squats, and more sprints and star jumps.

The group then practiced paddling before they headed out to the James River and raced each other to an island that’s located off the river.

Josh Hess, a newbie like Whitney, said after the training he was due for a nap.

“It really kicked my butt,” Hess said. “I’m going to go take a shower and a nice long nap.”

At the end of the workout, Whitney asked McGuire how he thought she did.

He responded, “I thought you did a great job. The best part was your smile. You know, life’s too short not to have fun and you keep it fun. You’re going to do more than you would on your own.”


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