Facebook friend request warning is a hoax

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(WTNH) – Another fake Facebook warning is circulating throughout the social media site Monday.

Facebook users are being duped into sharing another hoax message, this time warning others not to accept friend requests from an account with the name Jayden K. Smith. The message is sent via Facebook messenger with a warning of a hacker with that name having a system connected to your Facebook account.

While people think they are helping by sharing the warning, it is all just another hoax. According to the Telegraph, there is no evidence of any account with that name going on friend requesting sprees nor would they be able to hack into your account just by becoming your friend.

Mass friend requests are also against Facebook’s terms and conditions because of spam.

Brian Kelly, chief information security officer at Quinnipiac University, explained more on the hoax and why you shouldn’t accept stranger’s friend requests in the statement below:

These types of warnings have been around long before Facebook, affecting users of various instant message and email services, where users would pass on warnings of phantom messenger hackers trying to add themselves into your contact list. Adding strangers on Facebook isn’t a good idea, and can potentially lead to compromising your privacy and your security, albeit not in the manner described in this warning. Accepting strangers gives them access to more of your personal information which can lead to issues such as identity theft.”

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