Kickers’ woes worsen in loss to FC Cincinnati

The following comes from a Richmond Kickers press release

CINCINNATI, OH -– The Richmond Kickers (2-9-6) could not overcome an early goal and a late penalty, falling on the road to FC Cincinnati (6-6-6) Sunday evening. Djiby Fall netted the first goal for Cincinnati in the 3rd minute as Aodhan Quinn had to retake a penalty in the 90th minute to seal the win for the home side, marking the first win for either club in the series.

Djiby Fall looked to be an offensive threat early. Inside the first minute, Matt Bahner collected the ball out wide and played a cross into the far post to find Djiby. He put a header on frame and forced to push it wide and out for a corner. Tyler Polak stepped up to take the corner and once again found Djiby at the far post, this time with his header sent over the goal.

Cincinnati struck early to give the home side a lead in the third minute. Kenney Walker found Djiby Fall in line with the Kickers backline. He fed the ball through everyone and Djiby was able to break away to go one-on-one with Matt Turner. His shot went to the near post and under a diving Turner for the early lead.

Just a minute later, Franck Tayou tried to level the game for the Kickers. Chris Durkin from the midfield line played a perfect pass over the top to Tayou making a run into the Cincinnati box. Mitch Hildebrandt was forced to come off his line as Tayou was taking his shot and made the save.

FC Cincinnati kept the pressure on and called Matt Turner into action in the 34th minute. Paul Nicholson sent a long ball over the top as Jimmy McLaughlin made a run towards the Richmond box. As Conor Shanosky started to go for a tackle, McLaughlin went for a shot from just outside the six-yard box and Turner makes himself big to come up with the save.

Richmond tried to get back into the match in the 40th minute. Evan Lee found space in the Kickers end of the field and played the long ball to Franck Tayou. Tayou battled with Austin Berry and could not get a clean shot on the ball and Hildebrandt was able to control it easily.

One minute later and the crossbar was the Kickers friend. Andrew Weideman sent a pass into the box and it got through several Richmond and Cincinnati players and found Djiby. He controlled and went for a shot that hit the crossbar and bounced out as Cincinnati was called for an offside.

Right at the start of the second half, Jimmy McLaughlin looked for another chance. Winning the ball in the midfield, Corben Bone played the ball wide to McLaughlin. He found enough space to go for a shot from just outside the Richmond box. Matt Turner dove to his left to make the save.

Matt Turner was kept busy by Cincinnati in the 52nd minute. Kenney Walker found Andrew Weideman inside the Kickers box, just outside the six-yard box. Weideman went for a shot and Turner made the initial save, knocking it into the air. Turner got back up, turned and dove on the ball before it could bounce across the line.

63rd minute and Matt Turner was keeping Richmond in the match. Jimmy McLaughlin again had a chance out wide to Turner’s right and Turner was able to just get a foot to the shot to prevent another goal for the home team.
Richmond was given a chance to get back into the match in the 72nd minute. Raul Gonzalez was looking for a chance at the top of the Cincinnati box. Paul Nicholson went for the challenge and called for a foul and issued a yellow card. Yudai Imura stood over the free kick, and his shot was sent into the wall. Raul Gonzalez controlled the deflection, with his shot being deflected out for a corner kick.

Brandon Eaton, in his first appearance and start, nearly bagged a goal for Richmond in the 75th minute. Raul Gonzalez sent a long throw in to the Cincinnati box. After Cincinnati could not clear the ball, Eaton found space and the ball, sending a shot in that took a slight deflection off a Cincinnati defender and barely missing the inside of the near post.

Things went from bad to worse for Richmond starting in the 87th minute. Battling in the midfield with Aodhan Quinn, second half substitute Fred Owusu Sekyere was called for a foul, but his arm caught Quinn in the face forcing the referee to issue a straight red card and reducing Richmond to 10 men.

The Kickers would fall behind in the 89th minute after a handball was called and a penalty was award to Cincinnati. Danni König received a ball from McLaughlin and made a break towards goal. König had his shot saved by Turner, but as the ball deflected off of him it caught Braeden Troyer’s hand and the referee pointed to the spot. Aodhan Quinn stepped up to take the penalty. Quinn shot to Turner’s right and found the back of the net as the referee called encroachment when Danni König entered the box before the kick was taken. Quinn was forced to retake the kick, this time going to Turner’s left. Guessing correctly, Turner nearly came up with the save, but the ball slipped past for Cincinnati’s second goal of the night to seal the win.