‘It looks like a lake’: Colonial Heights residents want roads fixed after constant flooding

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — Residents in Colonial Heights reached out to 8News with complaints that their yards flood every time it rains. They blame it on the public streets not having proper drainage.

“You see the line it probably comes up to about right there, see that dirt line,” said Tre Sette as he pointed to a water line several inches high on his foundation.

Sette says when it rains, the water pours from the streets right into his yard. On Wednesday he snapped a photo of behind his house of the water building up.

“It’s horrible, when you look out here it looks like a lake,” Sette said.

He’s not alone with his flooding frustrations. Down the road, Ed Sharrett says he’s had ducks swimming in his front yard after a hard rain.

“It comes in the driveway it comes in my yard, I mean, it just floods my yard,” Sharrett explained.

Sharrett and Sette say the problem is their road has no curbing, no gutters, no drainage ditches, nothing but their front yards.

“Right now as it hits the streets it just rolls into our yards there is nowhere for it to go,” said Sette.

The main concern is the damage these two believe it is doing to the foundation of their homes.

“I’ve already got a crack in one of my rooms in the front in the corner, just everything is starting to shift the foundations are shifting, it can cause some serious problems,” said Sette.

These residents say they want the city to take action.

“Fix the streets, the streets are horrible, but there is no drainage, we need sewers we need gutters, somewhere for this water to go except for our yards,” said Sette.

The Colonial Heights Mayor tells 8News that residents with flooding issues can contact the Public Works Office and city engineers will study the area for a possible fix.

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