Richmond man calls 8News after bats invade his apartment

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Bats are finding their way inside a Richmond apartment. A viewer called 8News for help after months of trying to get his landlord to deal with the problem.

“I didn’t grow up with bats, so I didn’t anticipate living with them either,” said the resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

A Richmond man told 8News that he can see the bats flying in and out of the roof every night, but his biggest concern is that they are finding their way inside his home.

“It’s almost like they are staying there rent free,” he said.

“It’s almost like they are staying there rent free.” 

Video shows multiple bats flying in and out from underneath the roof at Forrest Square Apartments.

“They come flying out of the roof every day, multiple like at least 20,” the resident said.

This resident said he can hear them in the walls at night. He said whatever management claims to be doing, it’s not solving the problem.

“[They] supposedly patched the hole inside of the apartment but somehow the bats are still getting in the hallway,” the resident said.

Even though he has plans to leave at the end of his lease, he wanted to spread the word to help his neighbors.

“Even after I move somebody else is going to have to experience the same situation,” he said.

The apartment complex told 8News they have hired a pest control company and a contractor to try and reduce the problem.

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