Going on a road trip? Don’t do this!

(WFLA) – If you’re taking a road trip this Fourth of July weekend, here’s an example of how NOT to load your vehicle.

The New Hampshire State Police posted these hilarious, but frightening photos that show an accident waiting to happen. Stuff is piled really high on top of a minivan. The inside of the minivan is jam-packed, too.

The pile of items that this family was hauling around looks to be just as tall as the minivan itself, which is very dangerous for the people inside the van and is also dangerous for other people out on the road.

“Trooper Iannone of #TroopG prevents a potential accident from occurring this morning in #TroopB.#NHSP” said the NHSP in a June 28 Facebook post.

“Driving with items attached/strapped to your vehicle can be extremely dangerous for you and those driving nearby. These objects can obstruct your view or even worse become unsecure and cause an accident. Please keep our roadways safe! #NHSP,” the NHSP also said.

The Fourth of July is considered one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers the following tips for road trip safety-

  • Always buckle up. A seatbelt is your vehicle’s most important safety feature.
  • Designate a sober driver and never drive impaired. Remember, even one drink increases the risk of a crash while driving. Do not let anyone who has been drinking get behind the wheel, including you.
  • Check your tires before you take a trip. Properly maintaining and inspecting your tires before a long trip is a key step in keeping your family safe while traveling. Motorists should check to ensure their vehicle has proper tire pressure and inspect tire tread before driving to avoid potentially fatal tire failure and rollover crashes.
  • Stay focused on driving and do not drive distracted. Distracted driving is extremely risky behavior and focused attention on driving helps to prevent crashes.
  • Travelers should use caution when traveling through an area with low visibility, especially at night.
  • Call *FHP (*347) to report drunk drivers, traffic crashes, stranded or disabled motorists or suspicious incidents on the road.

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