Atlee grad Peyton St. George is a peerless pitcher

RICHMOND. Va. (WRIC) — The Atlee Raiders won three consecutive state championships from 2015 to 2017, and recent graduate Peyton St. George was the pitcher in the circle for all three of them.

St. George compiled a high school record of 63-10. She gave up exactly one earned run during the 2017 season en route to a 21-1 record for the year. In the 5A State Championship game, St. George pitched a complete game shutout and also provided the game’s only run with a solo home run.

In July, St. George will leave Hanover County for Duke University, where she will be part of the Blue Devils’ brand new softball program. Before that happened, she let 8Sports Director Mitch Carr see how good her pitching is up close and personal.

St. George throws a combination of three pitches that she can make move up, down, left, and right depending on her arm and hand movement. Her best pitch is a pitch that only exists in softball: the rise ball. Her fastest toss is about 62 miles per hours, which gives a hitter just about the same reaction time as a Major League hitter would have when facing a 95 mile per hour fastball. Most hitters facing St. George make weak contact, if they even make contact at all.